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Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
the obama administration has conducted more than 200,000 deportations of parents with children who are u.s. citizens over a period of about two years. according to federal data, nearly one-quarter of all deportations from july 1, 2010 to the end of the september for issued for parents with u.s. citizen children. colorlines reports the data appears to dash hopes that new guidelines issued for deportations last year would curb the separation of families by immigration and customs enforcement. the prosecutorial discretion guidelines instruct ice agents to focus on certain immigrants, including those with criminal convictions, and to consider a person's ties to the country and "whether the person has a u.s. citizen or permanent resident spouse, child, or parent" when making deportation decisions. a group of new jersey residents who say they're subjected to surprise pre-dawn, immigration rates has reached a settlement of the federal government. most of the plaintiffs were either citizens or lawful residents of the united states when they said armed immigration and customs and mores and agents i
Dec 18, 2012 2:00pm EST
with us today. >> have a great afternoon. tyler and i will see you tomorrow. "street signs" begins right now. >>> these markets are like the energizer bunny. they keep going up. catalyst, what else? optimism about a fiscal cliff deal. we'll tell you about the one thing that could scuttle it. who is the worst ceo in america? herb has been laying out his top five all day. this hour will reveal the secret of the top two. pressure on video gamemakers, a prominent center making a powerful point. that brings us to the thing that makes you go hmm today. incredible stat, mandy, how much the kid is playing those games. >> indeed. markets holding gains and s&p is currently around two-month highs thank you very much. with little time left in the year, the s&p up year-to-date. by the way, if you get into the march 2009 lows, s&p has definitely doubled your money and then some. here is a stat to make you sit up and take notice. s&p goldman sachs commodity index down 1%. doesn't sound like much but that is its first annual loss since 2008 when it fell a whopping 43%. gold only up 8%, crude down about
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)